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First major roll-out of on-street fast charge points in London following an agreement with Source London and the London Taxi Company

  • Bluepointlondon, the operator of Source London, and the London Taxi Company (LTC) announce an agreement to accelerate the development of London’s EV infrastructure for commercial vehicle drivers
  • This is London’s first major roll-out of on-street, fast charging infrastructure
  • The first batch of fast chargers will be operational over the summer, ready for live road tests of LTC’s range extended electric taxi.
  • These Fifty points will be located in strategic locations across London by the end of 2017

This morning a new deal was announced which will deliver more fast charge points, in accessible locations, for drivers in the capital. Speaking at the EVRT eMobility event in London today, Bluepointlondon and the London Taxi Company (LTC) announced that from this summer, London’s leading charging network Source London, will include 50 new fast charge points which can be used by the drivers of electric black cabs.

From January 2018 the only new London black cabs will be range extended electric vehicles, and a significant portion of these 22,500 vehicles will become electric. This measure has boosted interest in investing in new charge point infrastructure across the capital.

Bluepoint London and LTC’s collaboration will help develop the infrastructure even further and together they will ensure that these charge points are in suitable locations for the cab drivers. BluepointLondon has committed to invest £100m to develop London’s EV infrastructure to cater for the needs of all type of users.

Today’s deal means that drivers will now have access to the entire Source London network ensuring they can charge between shifts or whilst on an extended break close to where they work or live at a cost-effect rate.

Also these charge points, will be activated over the summer in time for live road tests of the new electric taxi which is being manufactured in Coventry. Fast chargers have a 22kWh capacity nearly three times faster than the regular 7kWh.

Source London operates a network of charge points with a majority of on-street 7kWh charge points to help users maximise battery life and cater for their need of charging while parking across London. Initially, fifty fast chargers in 2017 will be rolled-out in strategic locations facilitating access and minimising down-time.

Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director of Bluepointlondon, said:

“We are delighted to be working with LTC to offer taxi drivers a convenient way of charging all over London. Source London is developing at an unprecedented pace thanks to a significant increase in demand from individuals, business fleets and commercial vehicles all increasingly adopting electric vehicles. London is more than ever transforming into a true EV capital.”

Richard Gordon, Commercial Director at LTC said:

“Cab drivers are some of the people most affected by poor air quality in cities, and drivers are often at the forefront of the campaign to reduce emissions. We know from surveys that 80% of cabbies are interested in upgrading to an electric vehicle.”

“This collaboration shows how cabbies commitment to electric vehicles is boosting infrastructure investment across the capital, which will benefit all Londoners.”

Guest article provided by the London Taxi Company

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