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Unite has been leading the trade fightback against Tory de-regulation plans for the last five years. Two highly successful lobbies of parliament, which attracted over twenty five MP’s and Lords from all parts of the country and all sides of the House and Lords, along with fantastic help from many other MP’s, helped defeat the Law Commission and the worst clause in the De-Regulation Bill.

Now we have the threat of Uber, growing rapidly around the country and seemingly licensed in a new authority every week. The law is not fit to deal with Uber and other booking Apps. We need to use our contacts in Parliament and the Lords to ensure that the inadequacies and solutions are put forward and that pressure is brought to bear on the government, and licensing authorities to act.

Tom Watson

Unite’s Mike Hedges and Peter Bond recently met with Tom Watson MP (centre)

Unite have already met with Tom Watson MP, to look at launching a parliamentary inquiry into Transport for London and we will be looking ay every part of the parliamentary system to ensure that we take the fightback into every committee and debate we possibly can. Parliament can be incredibly powerful if it is used in the correct way to maximise the failures of licensing and the law around the country.

Unite is the only organisation with the strength, power, MP’s, Lords and parliamentary knowledge and influence that can do this within the taxi trade. That’s why you should join Unite and become part of the largest national taxi organisation, the only trade organisation capable of taking your fight to the heart of Parliament and our politicians.


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