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This election is probably the most important General Election there has ever been for taxi drivers

 The choice between Labour and the Conservatives is stark!

Choose between a Labour Government that will modernise taxi legislation in the interests of the taxi trade, or a de-regulatory Conservative government that will destroy the taxi trade in the interests of a few big private hire companies.

The Conservatives have spent the last five years trying to push their Law Commission review through Parliament. Thankfully Unite Cab Section defeated the Tories and stopped the Law Commission proposals. Had they won it would have meant national private hire licensing with no TfL control. Drivers and operators would have been allowed to operate wherever and however they wanted. The Tories would allow meters in private hire vehicles and bring the end to the Knowledge of London. The Tories will destroy the taxi trade if re-elected.

Be in no doubt, the Tories showed their true colours for taxi trade when passing the De-regulation Bill which is decimating the taxi trade outside of London and has laid down a marker of their intentions to further de-regulate if they get elected. Our trade cannot allow it.

Labour backed the Unite Cab Section throughout the last parliament.

Labour led the way in the last parliament, supporting the Transport Select Committee’s measures to eradicate touting and cross border plying for hire. Their recommendations would have halted Uber in its tracks. Labour opposed the Law Commission and every effort the Tories made to de-regulate our trade. They completely supported Unite’s two massively successful lobbies of Parliament as well as committing to review taxi trade legislation and make it fit for purpose. Labour has consistently opposed Uber, which includes Margaret Hodge exposing Uber’s tax dodging or opposing its plying for hire.

 A Labour government will allow working taxi drivers to have a say and will look after everyone’s interests and not just a privileged few big private hire operators.


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