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Archive for February, 2015

Do these names mean anything to you?

Unite Cab Section member Kadam Hussain explains why membership is important. George Loveless, James Loveless, Thomas Standfield, John Standfield, James Brine, James Hammett. Probably not, but they should considering that these noble gents (also  known as the Tolpuddle Martyrs), were responsible for forming The Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers, effectively the first trade union. They had […]

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Cold and flu medicines could put motorists over the new drug drive limit

Drivers who take certain prescription drugs or over the counter medicines could face prosecution News from Thompsons Solicitors. Published 06 Feb 2015 Over the counter cold and flu medicines could put motorists over the drug drive limit under new regulations due to come into force on 02 March 2015. Police have warned that drivers using […]

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