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By Stuart Hope, Unite LE300 Heathrow Branch

2014 has been a year for consolidation within the taxi trade and things seemed to be getting better for all. Stability was a key word as various businesses began to look ahead instead of down or worse….behind. We, at the airport rely on certain economic conditions to pay our way, so we are no different to our city centre brothers and sisters. With so many other forms of transport available, fair or foul we lead from the front. Our behaviour and manners are first rate. With over 725000 drivers through the car park last year (probably this year as well) without including local journeys or Fares Fairs we have approx. One complaint lodged every fortnight. 26 complaints in 725000+ rides…exemplary.  The question is “Can we as individuals or a trade do better?”.  The answer is “Yes we can….and we will.” Read on and absorb.

Airport matters.

We at Unite have several negatives at the moment and are beginning to take steps to resolve them. There is the sitting of the T2 rank which was a basic flaw. How this has been allowed to continue for so long is an apathy issue. Along with the fact there are limited toilet facilities is a basic denial. This is a problem on T5 as well. There is a problem with the bus only cut through from the Stanwell Moor Roundabout to the West Perimeter Road. There is a problem with the no right turn onto the T5 buffer rank from the West Perimeter Road. Unite will start to bring these issues up with Heathrow Airport Limited ASAP.

Unite may soon have the pleasure in announcing that the Heathrow Feeder Park should be bathed in an all encompassing, totally free Wi-Fi zone for all the regulars who serve Heathrow tirelessly. We should be announcing a date sometime this year.

This was a well thought out process, initiated by Unite which included all the other trades assistance and no small part HAL. Therefore Unite the Union would personally like to take the opportunity to thank LTDA & HATDU for their magnificent support.

Earn while you learn.

Most drivers “suffer” a four hour wait at most times. So why not take this opportunity to take a tour of the Unite Learning Centre? It can offer you English, maths, I.T. Spanish plus so many other courses that have been suggested or even yet to be raised. Photography, calligraphy or genealogy. It`s all there. Pop in and see a Learning Rep, that’s what they are there for…help. It doesn’t matter what level you are at. Whether It`s just a brush up or an award or certificate, the Unite Learning Centre is there for you. You can qualify for as many free courses as you can “eat”, just ask a learning rep how.  Coupled with that is that the Unite library is now open for your benefit.

Unite the union for taxi drivers.

Fed up with hearing about how cyclists are going to be given preferential treatment, the new 10 year rule on your £40,000 investment or touts stealing your work? So are we. We are united in all of these and other issues because we are Unite the union.  Just talk to our reps about joining to learn how to get virtually all your subscriptions tax free. It leaves you paying just £1 a week. Not bad when It`s taking four years to get your badge, only to lose it because you can`t afford legal representation.


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