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Cleaning Up After Boris!

Comment by Jim Kelly, Chair – Unite the union Cab Trade Committee. Things may be quiet on the streets but Unite is still meeting and pushing the Mayor to ensure that the many weaknesses of the recent Private Hire Review are addressed. Myself and the Regional Secretary Peter Kavanagh recently met the Mayor alongside other London unions. A number […]

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London Soft Touch Licensing Allows Uber Cross Border Free for All

By Mike Hedges Cross border hiring has become the biggest problem facing the taxi trade since the Tories passed the Deregulation Bill last year. This Bill allows operators from outside of the local licensing authority to accept bookings. Before the Bill operators were only allowed to sub-contract bookings within their own area. Unite opposed this […]

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TfL Board asked to approve plans to modernise London’s private hire industry

TfL press release First significant amendments to private hire regulations since 1998 follow unprecedented increase in private hire driver and vehicle numbers Private hire vehicles will need to have ‘hire and reward’ insurance in place for duration of licence – further improving passenger safety New regulations that will modernise and improve the private hire industry […]

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London’s streets paved with gold…

but only if you are best friends with the Tories By Jim Kelly. Chair, Unite the union London & Eastern Regional Committee. This Tory government seems enthralled by Uber, Google and other hi-tech companies, companies which pay their main taxes in Holland, Ireland or Bermuda on their turnover of billions earned in the UK. Cameron, Osbourne & Javid appear to be the servants of these […]

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Unite union to take part in London taxi protest: Keep it Safe – Keep It Fare!

Unite the union London Cab Section to participate in the taxi trade protest called for 10/02/16. Enough is Enough! The Tory party’s interference in London’s private hire review shows how it will do everything in its power to deregulate the UK’s taxi service and private hire trades. Unite calls for a stop to the Tory […]

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