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LEVC TX Taxi now on sale in Edinburgh

LEVC press release Edinburgh cabbies to save hundreds of pounds a month with arrival of electric taxis The world’s most advanced electric taxis are now on sale in Edinburgh, following a deal signed with Union Motor Company. The first vehicle was also handed over to David McMillan, 67, who has been an Edinburgh cabbie of […]

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Go West!: New electric taxi dealership opens in Chiswick

LEVC Press release. The world’s most advanced electric taxis are now being sold for the first time at a dealership in West London. Endeavour Automotive already operate the Volvo Cars dealership in Chiswick, and the new LEVC dealership will be on a neighbouring site. Endeavour have also invested in a new workshop to support taxi […]

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New greener police cars to run on hydrogen

Published 26 March 2018 From: Department for Transport and Jesse Norman MP Police cars and taxis will be among nearly 200 new hydrogen powered vehicles switching to zero emission miles, thanks to a multi-million pound government boost. The zero emission vehicles are part of a project that has won £8.8 million in funding from the […]

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Electric Black Cabs Are Taking Over in London

Unite cab section member Neville Robertson takes Bloomberg’s Robert Hutton for a spin in his new cab It takes a lot to impress a London cabbie, but as Neville Robertson pulls up to a sea of taxis at a stop light next to Buckingham Palace, he’s the center of attention. The driver next to him […]

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