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Awards success endorses London Taxi PR campaigns

London Taxi PR has announced that as a direct result of their active campaigns and promotions for the London licensed Taxi trade, they have successfully won the award for The Best Public Transport Promotions Group – England, in International Transport News – Air Transport Awards category for 2018. This prestigious award win underlines and acknowledges […]

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Uber remedy is no cross-border cure all

Anyone reading Uber’s recent press release, could be forgiven that the cross-border issues are done and dusted, that Uber is now conforming to custom and practice and respecting the UK’s local licensing principles. Unfortunately this is not the case. Closer reading of Uber’s statement shows that while they are no longer issuing work to any […]

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Delta wins battle to operate private hire throughout Merseyside.

Knowsley Council’s Private Hire Vehicle Policy is Unlawful From FTB News Thursday, 8 February, 2018 The High Court has ruled that a policy requiring Private Hire Drivers to work “predominantly” in the area of the Knowsley licensing authority is unlawful. Taxi drivers with Knowsley badge could have licences REVOKED if they don’t work locally Knowsley […]

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