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European court aide rules Uber is a transport company

From BBC News Technology  Uber is a transport firm that requires a licence to operate, a senior member of European Union’s top court has said. The decision is a set-back for Uber, which had argued it only provided technology to help drivers find passengers. If the ruling is enforced across Europe, it might mean Uber […]

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ITF unions tackle ‘Ubernomics’ threat to workers

ITF press release Trade unionists from around the world explored a common ITF approach to tackling the Uber business model of “deregulation, destabilisation and disrespect for workers”, which is increasingly prevalent in the taxi and other transport sectors. The second ITF Uber meeting in Antwerp, Belgium on 20 and 21 September attracted 37 trade unionists […]

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Uber: don’t take us for a ride!

By Claire Clarke and Mac Urata Global Labour Column The ‘sharing economy’ is changing the landscape of work by promoting a model that provides easy access to work but further casualises the workforce. Work has evolved from long-term employment to a series of jobs, and has now again been reduced to the delivery of unique […]

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