Unite Cab Section Open Trade Meeting

Councils should revoke Uber licences

‘Refuse and revoke’ – UNITE live Hajera Blagg, Thursday, December 7th, 2017 When Transport for London (TfL) ruled it would not renew Uber’s operating licence in the capital in September, the decision shocked many – not least of which the tech firm itself, which first responded to the news with aggressive threats to take TfL […]

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All hail the new TX eCity London Taxi

The world’s most advanced electric taxi is ready for Londoners From LEVC  Today marks a momentous milestone in the life of the London taxi: LEVC (London EV Company)’s all-new electric TX taxi is now fully certified to carry fare-paying passengers. For the first time Londoners will be able to ride through the city’s streets in […]

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LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22:  An Uber driver poses for a photograph in an Uber t-shirt and holding a smart phone displaying the Uber app after delivering petitions to the Transport for London headquarters on December 22, 2015 in London, England. The Uber drivers formally handed in the petition, signed by over 205,000 people, to oppose proposals such as introducing minimum 5 minute waiting times.  (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Uber says 2.7m Brits hit by breach that was covered up

BBC News From the section Technology Uber has revealed that 2.7 million British riders and drivers were affected by a 2016 data breach that it covered up for more than a year. A total of 57 million worldwide had data exposed in the breach, but the firm had not specified how many were UK-based before. […]

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Uber takes driver battle to Supreme Court

Uber plans to take its fight over the employment status of its UK drivers to the Supreme Court From BBC News Business Earlier this month the Employment Appeal Tribunal rejected the ride-hailing firm’s argument about the status of employees. Unions argue that staff should be classified as “workers” rather than being self-employed. Such a move […]

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