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Ask LEVC – Your questions answered about the electric taxi

Come and meet the TX experts and air all your questions and queries about the new electric taxi at our special event at LEVC London, Brewery Road.  Our factory experts will be on hand to talk about design, charging, driving modes, maintenance and insurance besides much more; plus meet TX drivers to hear their experience first-hand.

Join us on Tuesday 13th March (12noon – 8:30pm) or Wednesday 14th March (9:30am – 5:00pm) – no need to book just turn up.  To enter our exclusive competition to win £150 high street vouchers at the event text your vehicle registration number beforehand to 07973 867501. We look forward to welcoming you!


The introduction of the new range-extended electric taxi is intended to give cab drivers the latest technology – reducing running costs whilst ensuring a smoother, more pleasant experience for passengers. However, as with any big change – there will always be a number of concerns and rumours about some of the details.

LEVC have spent months consulting with cab drivers, covering every facet of the new model’s creation, the painstaking testing procedures it has undergone, and how it will change cabbies’ working day for the better. Here are our replies to some of the most common questions about the new TX electric taxi.

Q: Are the TX Electric Taxis taking fare-paying passengers yet?
A: Yes, we have started to hand-over the first TX orders to cabbies, and the first fare-paying passengers have already been enjoying the quiet, comfortable ride; as well as stunning city views through the panoramic sunroof. There’s a fantastic video of the landmark first TX handover, to black cab driver David Harris, on our website

Q: How do the different drive modes work?
A: With three selectable drive modes for optimum efficiency, you’ll be able to utilise the TX’s available power suited to your needs. The three different drive modes are:

  • SMART. The TX’s default operating mode, which delivers the best efficiency by utilising the battery as much as possible before engaging the range-extender.
  • PURE EV. Operating purely on battery power, without the petrol range-extender. 100% electric operation with zero-emissions.
  • SAVE. The vehicle uses the range extender to maintain the battery’s state of charge, saving the electric range for use later.

Q: With such new technology, will the TX cost more to maintain?
A: No! In fact, service intervals of just every 25,000 miles mean the TX will spend more time on the road, with fewer trips to the garage. And due to the inherent reliability and simplicity of the electric motors, you’ll notice a significant decrease in your overall servicing requirements. Drivers that buy TX before 31st March will benefit further from the first 3 years servicing included for free*. The reduction in time spent on refuelling and maintaining your vehicle is just another aspect allowing you to earn more. Not forgetting that all new TX comes with 3 years vehicle warranty and 5 years unlimited mileage battery warranty* for further peace of mind.

Q: How is the published ‘electric only’ range achieved?
A: The NEDC (New European Drive Cycle) test is the official standard all European car manufacturers are obliged to follow when publishing range, fuel economy and emissions data. The tests are intended to provide repeatable, consistent figures for comparison and are therefore generally performed on a dynamometer. However, it is widely recognised that these can be difficult to achieve in ‘real-world’ driving. – it is for this reason that we have one-to-one conversations with customers to understand their driving style and advise on their likely savings if they switch to the TX.

Q: Can you test drive the TX anywhere else other than London?
A: Yes, our Test Drive Experiences are also available at LEVC Manchester, and we’re expanding this to other locations soon. Choose your test drive location and book online now.

At LEVC, we will continue to answer questions that drivers and customers may have to make the transition to the electric taxi as smooth as possible. For further information, visit our site at or get in touch with us through Twitter using @askLEVC. Click HERE to book your test drive today.

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