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MP’s Taxi Safety Bill is published ahead of its return to Parliament next week

New laws to improve safety for passengers of taxis and private hire vehicles will be presented to Parliament next week by Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner.

From Cambridge Network

He has been working with campaign groups, trade unions and the Government on a Private Member’s Bill for the last six months which is published today ahead of its Second Reading in the House of Commons next Friday 2nd February.

The Bill, entitled the “Licensing of Taxis and PHVs (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Bill“, will require licensing authorities to record licence refusals, revocations and suspensions on a national database. Licensing authorities will have to check this register, and have due regard to any previous decisions recorded, before awarding licences to drivers in their authority. This would stop those who are “gaming the system“: if refused in one authority, they can currently just go to another Council and get a licence there. Notorious examples include drivers losing their licence in Southend, then reappearing on the same streets having been licensed elsewhere, sparking a national outcry.

The Bill also allows  local authority enforcement teams to report instances of wrongdoing by taxi and PHV drivers from other areas, which cause them concern, to the authority in which the offender is licensed. The original licensing authority must then have regard to this report, and respond. This will end the situation where local enforcement officers are powerless to deal with drivers licensed elsewhere in the country.

Mr Zeichner says:

“This Bill will give councils powers they have been requesting to improve licensing and enforcement, and will increase passenger safety. The taxi and private hire sector is a proud trade, and this will not only work to maintain high standards, but will also increase public trust.

“I’ve worked with unions, licensing authorities, charities, campaign groups and many members of the trade to get this right – there is widespread support for these measures to improve standards and safety in the sector.

“Many vulnerable people rely on taxis and private hires – the legislation needs to protect them. Taxi and private hire vehicle regulation is fragmented and out of date, and needs a major overhaul. Until then, this Bill will keep those who use taxis and private hire vehicles safer.“

Read the Bill and explanatory notes 

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