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MPs Call for Uber’s licence to be revoked

The MPs claimed police figures show an allegation of rape or sexual assault against Uber drivers is made every eleven days

The MPs have accused Uber of failing to report crimes to the police

Transport for London, chaired by Mr Khan, will rule on Uber’s future before the end of September. Earlier this year the firm was given a temporary extension to its licence.

The MPs wrote to TfL Commissioner Mike Brown urging him to follow the example of other cities and revoke the licence.

Labour’s Wes Streeting, Chair of the APPG said:

The safety of Londoners must be at the forefront of decisions taken about the taxi and private hire industry in our capital city. We do not believe that Uber has shown itself to be a fit and proper operator.’

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said:

MP’s concerns would be considered before a final decision on Uber’s licence application.

If it’s the case that any taxi operator has a report made to them by a passenger, it’s incumbent on that operator to report it to the police. It’s a source of concern to me that it is the case, according to the police, that in the past they’ve not been reported to the police. They must be.

Wes Streeting’s letter is reproduced below…

Wes Streeting 1
Wes Streeting 2

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