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Taxi Drivers Voting Labour On June 8

Cabbies4Labour: Unite the union Cab Section and RMT London Taxi Drivers’ Branch are calling for Taxi drivers to vote Labour on June 8

Unite Cab Section and RMT London Taxi Drivers’ Branch have been at the forefront of fighting Uber, lobbying parliament, demonstrating, joining international delegations and making the case for increased regulation to the main political parties.

The Labour Party has listened and shown it is on the side of taxi drivers. The Labour Party is committed to tackling the regulations that allow companies like Uber to operate across borders, ignore workers rights and get away with not paying their full taxes, so the following statement has been issued by Andy McDonald MP (@AndyMcDonaldMP), Labour’s Shadow Minister for Transport.

The Tories have ignored the fact that taxi and private hire vehicle regulations are out of date and have failed to act. The current system is complex, outdated and in need of an upgrade: passengers dont have a guarantee of safety or quality, drivers are without proper employment rights and operators are competing against one another in a rigged market.

Labour is on the side of cab drivers, the travelling public and operators. After consulting with all parts of the industry, including companies, trade unions and consumer groups, we will reform the legislation governing taxi and private hire services, introducing national standards to guarantee safety and accessibility, updating regulations to keep pace with technological change and ensuring a level playing field between operators.

 Labour is on the side of taxi drivers.

Compare that to the Tories, with the mire surrounding the dealings of Cameron, Osborne and Johnson, allowing Uber to operate with impunity across Britain with total disregard to local licensing, drivers rights and undercutting fares through predatory pricing. Their Tory friends are determined that nothing will change under a Conservative government

 As Conservative MEP Dan Dalton said, reflecting Teresa May’s real thinking and explaining Osborne and Cameron’s lobbying for Uber, states:

“I firmly believe we should be doing our utmost to promote sharing economy services like Uber, not least because this technology gives us a chance to deregulate. The need for burdensome and expensive regulation in the taxi industry is increasingly becoming unnecessary”

The General Election now gives taxi drivers the opportunity to protest against the Conservatives for their support for Uber and replace them with a Labour government that will stand up for taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers can have a massive impact on this election if all of us and our families vote for Labour and our future on the 8th June. Every vote counts and we will not get another chance to turn the tide. Everywhere we have a strong voice, let us use it to change our trade for the better.

A vote for Labour and the defeat for the Tories, the party of Uber, will be a positive focus for our campaign to ensure Uber cannot operate as a rogue “platform”, but must accept higher standards, better conditions for its workers and pay its taxes.

Protect your Future and vote Labour on June 8

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