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Taxi Trade Protest Against George Osborne Evening Standard Appointment

Unite the union cab section press release.

Unite Cab Section is calling on London taxi drivers to protest against George Osborne from 10am Tuesday 2 May at…

London Evening Standard
Northcliffe House
2 Derry Street
London W8 5TT

Osborne’s contempt for the London cab trade is only matched by his contempt for both his constituents & Parliament.

Uber’s links to the Conservative party run deep, Rachael Whetstone, former Global Head of policy & Comms, has personal family ties to David Cameron.

Her ex -husband was Policy Advisor to Cameron as well as her mother and Father- in- Law both being staunch Conservative activists.

Cameron & Osborne used their positions to act as de facto lobbyists for Uber over a period of four  years. Osborne’s new employer Blackrock for which he receives £650,000 for one day a week, has over £500 million invested in Uber.

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When Cameron used the name Uber instead of the word Taxi in his reply to Jeremy Corbyn the Trident replacement debate in Parliament, it was a deliberate piece of “product placement” for a company recently described by one of its driver’s as a “sweatshop on wheels”.

The recent conservative Deregulation Act was a boost for Uber, but it’s not just Osborne’s alleged lobbying that’s at issue, the conservatives are only interested in big business, whether that’s the new tech upstarts like Uber, Facebook & Google, or the bankers who led this country into the longest & deepest recession since the 1930’s, yet came away with millions in bonuses.

Tuesday’s protest at Osborne’s appointment as Editor of the Evening Standard is just a start.

Cameron & Osborne are a disgraceful example of the “chumocracy” of today’s Conservative party, but the policies of the party are corrupted by lobbyists for the rich and powerful corporations which are pushing worker’s wages down, destroying well paid jobs and consigning a younger generation to precarious employment and poverty.

Uber may not go away, but its suffered immense reputational damage over the past six months. Its senior management is in crisis, it still has not returned a penny in profit for its investors and is caught in a legal fight with Google. It’s exploitation of its drivers has led to many local minicab firms closing.

London cab drivers in constituencies such as Ilford North & Chingford & Woodford Green can also choose to vote tactically in the upcoming General Election to ensure Londoners have a positive impact and express their anger at the Conservatives over their support for Uber.

In Ilford North, Wes Streeting who has supported our trade needs our votes, and in Chingford & Woodford Green we can help boot out Iain Duncan Smith who has supported Cameron’s anti- black cab, pro Uber policies, over the last four years.

Finally don’t expect any objective or impartial reporting on either Uber or the General Election from Osborne’s mouthpiece.


Posted by Jim Kelly, Chair Unite London & Eastern Cab Trade Committee.

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