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Sadiq Khan sets the record straight over private hire capping

Mayor of London writes to Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport.

Responding on to recent accusations that he had not lobbied the Dept of Transport for powers to cap the number of private hire vehicles licensed by Transport for London, Sadiq Khan Labour Mayor for London, yesterday wrote to Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling to set the record straight. Mr Grayling has claimed on several occasions that he has not heard from the Mayor on the subject.

Even as late as the 27th April, the Dept for Transport were denying any such request had been made by the Mayor’s office.

In his letter the Mayor of London says that Val Shawcross, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport Sadiq Val Shawcross has written “a number of times” to Transport under secretary, Andy Jones on the matter.

However questioned on Thursday in the House of Commons and in reply to Tory MP Paul Scully who asked:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what representations he has received from the Mayor of London on capping the number of private hire licences in London.”

Andrew Jones MP responded:

“The Mayor of London has made no formal representations on capping the number of private hire licences in London to the Secretary of State or DfT Ministers.”

Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 27 April 2017, cW)

At a recent TfL performance seminar, when questioned by taxi trade reps. TfL management confirmed that the Mayor’s Office had indeed lobbied Government for increased powers. TfL also reiterated that Sadiq Khan was also seeking a law change whereby, every private hire booking should either start or finish in the area they are licensed in. This law change would end the chronic cross border hiring chaos that is currently taking place thanks to the Tory Deregulation Act of 2015.

The Mayor’s letter is reproduced below…


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