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London Licensed Uber Driver Guilty of Plying for Hire In Guildford

Following a licensing officer sting operation. An Uber driver licensed by Transport for London has been fined for “abusing the system” in Guildford town centre.

The Uber driver accepted a job offer from a Guildford Borough Council officer for a journey which was not booked via the London based private hire operator.

Get Surrey reports…

Uber driver fined after ‘abusing the system’ by illegally plying for hire in Guildford

According to the Council when drivers who are not permitted by their license to ply for hire, they put the public at risk because it invalidates the vehicles insurance.

The Magistrates Court in Guilford were told that the driver agreed to take a member of Guilford’s Licensing team on a ride from Commercial Road, in October 2016.

On March 14th 2017 the driver was found guilty of illegally plying for hire and fined £300.00, with £1,100.00 awarded to the council in costs, plus a £30.00 victim surcharge.

Councillor Graham Ellwood, lead councillor for licensing at Guildford Borough council said:

“This success in combating illegal plying for hire is good news for public safety – as the driver’s insurance is void when they ply for hire,” said Councillor Graham Ellwood, lead councillor for licensing and community safety at the borough council.

“It sends a clear signal that we will not tolerate illegal touting for business. We are committed to protecting the public and will prosecute those found abusing the system.”

“Our licensing officers pro-actively work day and night to protect the public from individuals putting their safety at risk. “Officers are regularly out in town monitoring the Guildford taxi trade, and other operators, such as Uber, to ensure that they are not plying for hire, which only Guildford-licensed Hackney Carriages are permitted to do.”

Source articles, Get Surrey and Guilford Council

Posted by Peter J Rose. @peterjrose1

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