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Brighton Taxi Drivers Oppose The Arrival Of Uber

BBC’s Inside Out and Brighton’s Latest TV Highlight UBER Cross-border Issues

Locally based “Latest TV  have given excellent coverage of the grave situation in Brighton and Hove with regard to the unacceptable number of Uber vehicles and drivers licensed by Transport for London flooding the City. The Brighton Taxi Trade were impressed with the coverage and approached them again to do a follow up programme of the worsening situation in the City.

This prompted BBC “Inside Out” to do a feature (with Latest TV’s assistance) chronicling the issues on the streets of Brighton with the BBC titling it, ‘…Brighton Taxi drivers, oppose the arrival of Uber in the City…’ .

What we are seeing in Brighton & Hove is a “race to  the bottom” with local safety based conditions and geographical knowledge being undermined by Uber vehicles and drivers licensed where it is cheapest and easiest to do so. Brighton & Hove is littered on a daily (and nightly) basis with a flood of out of area vehicles, predominantly Transport for London (TfL) ‘Minicabs’ being ‘operated’ by Uber.

This together with a “liquorice all-sorts” style mixture of other Uber vehicles from all over the Country, the “most distant” being vehicles and drivers from South Cambridgeshire. With TfL’s historic casual ‘laissez-faire’ attitude to enforcement in Brighton, who can be sure exactly who is driving these vehicles and/or whether they are actually licensed, properly insured, roadworthy or even safe!!!

CTN related story…


BBC Inside Out airs 7:30pm tonight (Monday 20th March 2017), on the BBC1 South-East Region, but will be available immediately after transmission on the BBC iPlayer nationally.

In addition to this, Latest TV programme “The Vote” is scheduled to be aired locally on Latest TV on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March 2017 following on from the BBC1 programme.

Apart from contributions in the programme from amongst the Brighton Trade, Unite and GMB unions, there is also contribution and comment from the London & Southend taxi trades.

Report by Sean Ridley

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