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From Brighton’s Licensing Committee:

“Under the law of the land, private hire vehicles from other areas, including Uber drivers from other areas, are allowed to pick up passengers in Brighton and Hove.

“Likewise any private hire driver based in Brighton and Hove can pick up in any other area. The law is the same for all companies everywhere and this is a matter entirely beyond any council’s control.

Yesterday Transport London Taxi and Private Hire senior management met at Unite’s Holborn HQ, with Unite Cab Section Officers representing Unite taxi driving members drivers from across the country.

During the meeting Unite was able to put forward directly to TfL the impact the 2015 Deregulation Act is having on hard working taxi drivers livelihoods.

Some of the topics  covered during the meeting included: The differing licensing requirements across the country, reciprocal enforcement, arrangements and the need for better regulations.

Taxi loophole ‘puts Rotherham children at risk’, say MPs

In his Taxi and Private Hire Action Plan action plan London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has called for a change in the Law which would see a requirement for private hire journeys to either start or finish in the area they are licensed for. Unite supports this policy.

Other measures being introduced by the Mayor include: Stronger topographical testing, an English language requirement and private hire driving test (coming soon).

The week ending 12th February 2017 actually private numbers fall by a small amount for the first time in many months.

  • Private hire driver licences – 117,834: a decrease of 29 on previous week, 141 licences are new.
  • Private hire vehicle licences – 86,676: a decrease of 14 on previous week, 523 licences are new.
  • Private hire operator licences – 2,448: a decrease of 15 on the previous week.

However this should not detract from the need to deal with the problem of London private hire operating with impunity across s the country.

A full report on Unite’s meeting with TfL will be published in the next issue of Cab Trade News.

Posted by Peter J Rose @peterjrose1

Main image shows TfL management with Unite Cab Section reps outside Unite’s Holborn HQ.


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