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Uber employment tribunal: Ruling due in London

From BBC News

Drivers for the cab-hailing firm Uber will learn later whether they are entitled to holiday pay, rest breaks and the National Living Wage.

An employment tribunal in London is due to rule on whether Uber is acting unlawfully by not giving drivers basic employment rights.

Uber says its drivers are self-employed and that they can choose where and when they drive.

The case could have big implications for Uber and similar businesses.

Uber says it has 40,000 drivers in the UK. It uses a smartphone app to connect them to people who need a cab.

But the drivers are all “independent contractors” or self-employed.

What does Uber’s employment case mean?

At a tribunal case taken by the GMB union this summer, two drivers argued that Uber was unlawfully failing to provide drivers with basic employment rights.

They argued that far from being self-employed, Uber drivers should be classed as workers, which under employment law would entitle them to certain rights, including sick pay.

The two test cases will determine a further 17 claims against the firm.

New paradigm or new ploy?

Click here to read the full article By John Moylan Industry correspondent, BBC News

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