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Sadiq Khan: A Manifesto for All Londoners

Today Labour Party Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan set out his vision for London.

Sadiq’s full manifesto can be found here

Sadiq on London’s iconic taxi service

As the world’s greatest city it is absolutely right that we have, and continue to have, the best and most qualified cabbies in the world. London’s black taxi drivers are highly trained and properly checked to a high safety standard, driving wheelchair accessible vehicles, with the incredible geographical recall and sense of direction that only those with The Knowledge have. With people like this at the wheel, it’s understandable that the London black cab is an icon known around the world and a source of pride for Londoners. I will:

  • Ensure that the markets for licensed taxi drivers and for private hire drivers are fair – with special privileges built in, as they always have been, for those who become a licensed London taxi driver.
  • Ensure that driver safety standards are rigorously enforced across the black cab and private hire industries.
  • Retain the exclusive right of licensed black taxi drivers to use bus lanes and ply for hire.

Keeping London’s roads moving 

Congestion on London’s streets continues to cause real problems for many motorists, and is a real drag on business competitiveness. I will:

  • Seek in additional powers to regulate rickshaws on the city’s streets.
  • Direct TfL to work with utility companies to coordinate maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure, in order to ensure that the same sections of road are not repeatedly subjected to works.
  • Prioritise delivery of new river crossings in the east of the city.
  • Work with businesses, local authorities and freight companies to reduce the number of large lorries on the city’s roads, particularly at the busiest times.
  • Support Car Clubs as a means of reducing congestion and demand for parking.
  • Maintain the Congestion Charge at its current level.
  • Continuing to allocate resources to councils to spend through their Local Implementation Plans, on projects which support my transport strategy.
  • Encourage greater use of the river to transport passengers and freight.

Sadiq Khan – A Mayor for all Londoners

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