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Pedicab rider jailed

MPS Press Bureau

A pedicab rider, who breached his Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) within three days of it being issued, has been jailed. 

Juris Briedis, 21 (4.01.95) of Edgware Road, W2 was found guilty and sentenced to 24 weeks imprisonment at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 12 January for breaching a CBO which banned him from riding a pedicab in the W1, SW1, W2 and WC2 areas.

Briedis was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and given a five-year CBO on Thursday, 7 January at the same court after being found guilty of failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice (CPN), which was issued previously after he continued to use his pedicab in a manner that caused anti-social behaviour.

Briedis appeared in court with four others, who are also subject to a CBO with the same conditions for five years. They are:

– Kristaps Lapins, 21 (1.04.94) of Wells House Road, NW10;

– Elvis Bergins, 21 (25.06.94) of Edgware Road, W2;

– Elviss Krauklis, 23 (10.08.92) Edgware Road, W2; and,

– Ivo Laskovs, 25 (27.11.90) of Clarendon Court, NW2.

Officers from Westminster were on patrol on Sunday, 10 January and spotted Briedis on a pedicab on Bird Street, which is within the area where he is banned from using a pedicab. He attempted to flee, however he was caught and arrested.

This sentence forms part of ongoing work by the Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street Neighbourhood Policing Teams in partnership with Transport for London and local businesses to crackdown on the anti-social and criminal behaviour of some pedicab riders in Westminster.

The team have secured seven Criminal Behaviour Orders in total since October 2015.

In addition, in the past year, they have issued over 130 written warnings, which are issued prior to a CPN, and 50 CPNs.

CPNs are intended to deal with particular, ongoing problems or nuisances which negatively affect the community’s quality of life by targeting the person responsible. The notice will direct the individual, business or organisation responsible to stop causing the problem and it could also require the person responsible to take reasonable steps to ensure that it does not occur again.

To date, 116 riders have been summonsed to court for parking their pedicabs on the footpath or the road, causing an obstruction.

Over 60 people have been dispersed under section 35 of the anti-social behaviour act for obstruction to the footway or highway.

Inspector Guy Ellwood, of the Met’s Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street team, said: “These results demonstrate our commitment to tackling the anti-social and criminal behaviour of some pedicab riders in Westminster.

“This should send a clear message to riders who persistently engage in disruptive, criminal and anti-social activity will face significant consequences.”

Steve Burton, TfL’s Director of Enforcement and On-Street Operations, said: “We work closely with the police and officers from Westminster to stop Pedicabs from being an anti-social menace in central London, so this sentencing is welcome news.

“We will continue to support the officers on the ground, and push for the toughest penalties, while continuing to lobby Government over the legislation of Pedicabs in the Capital.”

Steven Medway, Managing Director Trading Environment, New West End Company, said: “We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcoming destination for our millions of shoppers here in the West End.

“Anyone who is prepared to behave in a way that breaks the law and detracts from people’s enjoyment of the area has no place on our streets, and we welcome the news that the Metropolitan Police are having such success in tackling these offences.”

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