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Vote Labour? You’re having a laugh!!

Any debate that descends into personalisation means the argument is lost. Nowhere is this more pronounced then when the Tories attack Labour. From Miliband eating a bacon sandwich to him setting fire to a carpet, all these episodes are gleefully used to persuade the electorate to personalise the general election. The Tories hope that this tactic will stop Labour getting into power and also deter the voter from analysing the policies that separate the two parties.
So without much further ado let me list what Ed Miliband and the Labour Party under his leadership has done in opposition and will do in power.
• Walked away from Labour’s previous association with the Murdoch press
• Led the parliamentary debate about the phone hacking scandal and forced Cameron’s Tory Government to set up the Levison Inquiry
• By leading the furore over the phone hacking of murdered teenager Milly Dowler, he earned the praise and respect of her parents for his genuine anger and disgust
• This led to Rupert Murdoch flying in to personally apologise to the Dowlers and humbling himself to Parliament. He took on the press, beat the press and the press will never forgive nor forget.
• Led the debate on freezing energy prices which Cameron boo-hooed before realising that the public supported Miliband on this.
• In power Labour, under Miliband will repeal the Health and Social Care Act. This Act paves the way for the privatisation of the NHS.
• Repeal the Bedroom Tax
• Ban zero contract hours
• Stop the deregulation of the Licensed Taxi Trade
• Introduce a Rent Regulation Act
• Introduce a Banker’s Bonus Tax
• Will oversee the building of 1,000,000 more homes.

In some aspects the Labour Party does not go far enough as far as I am concerned, but if they are not in power then we are not going anywhere except backwards. AND THAT WILL BE NO LAUGHING MATTER!!
Thursday, May 7th…Vote Labour


Bob Hewlett, Branch Sec LE/230 &

Chair Croydon Central Labour Party


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