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Unite Cab Section proud to support The Peoples NHS

This week Hinchinbrook hospital, the first NHS hospital to be run by the private sector, sent a letter begging the taxpayer for a £9 million bailout to cover up the catastrophic mismanagement of private provider Circle. Surprise, surprise the “magic” of the market has once again been proven to fail our NHS.

The battle to safeguard our NHS is fast becoming the critical issue of our time and Unite has been proud to support The Peoples NHS. The campaign is working. The People’s NHS set out to put the NHS at the top of the political agenda, to gain commitments from Labour to fully repeal the Health and Social Care Act and to push for the NHS to be excluded from the dangerous trade deal TTIP.

Local activists have so far held over 60,000 conversations with people in their homes exposing the reality of NHS privatisation and those same people have then taken action. Over 55,000 different actions have been taken, including thousands of Boards going up outside homes demanding that Cameron and Hunt stop selling off our NHS.

The public have made their views clear and the NHS is now the election battleground. Labour has reaffirmed its commitment to repealing the hated Health and Social Care Act, and now pledged to make the NHS the preferred provider for our health care if they win power.

The Peoples NHS is increasingly focussed on the demand to remove our NHS from the EU-American trade agreement the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This deal currently being negotiated in secret by EU and US bureaucrats, threatens not just the very principles of democracy but also the interests of working people.

TTIP and other dodgy deals like CETA and TISA are all about protecting the financiers of Wall Street and The City from democracy. TTIP will entrench the rights of corporations over states. The British American Business (BAB), who sponsor the ‘All Party Group’ for UK MPs interested in TTIP have said that ‘the right to invest should take precedence over the right to regulate’. This is what TTIP represents – a significant advance for the interests of capital over the rights of ordinary working people.

The most alarming aspect of TTIP is that it could make the privatisation of our NHS irreversible. Many of these private healthcare companies have big Wall Street investors like Blackrock and Invesco.

TTIP will give these US investors special new rights. As it stands it will let them sue any future government that tries to bring privatised NHS services back into the public sector – and for unlimited billions, in unaccountable tribunals, with no right of appeal.

Ordinary working people don’t want a world where big businesses are more powerful than governments. We want public healthcare to prioritise the health of the public – not the profits of Wall Street. We don’t want the voices of ordinary citizens silenced by dodgy trade deals. We don’t want TTIP and we certainly don’t want our NHS to be any part of it.

For more information on the peoples NHS please visit – The Peoples NHS

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