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Notice 12/11: Taxi Driver Licence Identifiers

Transport for London
London Taxi and Private Hire

From the 1 March 2012 all taxi drivers will be required to display taxi driver
identifiers in the front and rear windows of their taxis.

All licensed taxi drivers will be issued with two identifiers, one for the front
windscreen and one for the rear.

The identifiers are designed to encourage compliance by drivers, including
plying for hire within their licensed area. The aim is not to restrict where drivers
can legally work or cause divisions between Green Badge and Yellow Badge
drivers. The identifiers will make it easier for our compliance officers and the
police to identify what type of licence a driver holds, and take action against
drivers who are working in areas and at taxi ranks they are not licensed for.

If any driver is witnessed plying for hire outside of his or her licence area this
should be reported to us. Under no circumstances should any driver confront a
colleague regarding their actions.

When will you receive your identifiers?

If you are an All London driver you will receive your identifier by post before the
end of the year.

If you are a suburban driver you will receive your identifier by February 2012.
As well as clearly indicating whether a driver is an All London or Suburban taxi
driver, the identifiers will specify suburban drivers’ exact licence areas.

If you do not receive your identifiers by the end of these periods please contact
us on 0845 602 7000 or by emailing

In addition to the identifiers all drivers will receive clear plastic wallets to
display the identifiers, and guidelines on how to correctly display these.

The requirement to display your identifiers will be implemented on 1 March
2012. Failure to display the identifiers from that date will be a breach of the
London Cab Order 1934, which if repeated will lead to disciplinary action to
suspend or revoke your taxi driver’s licence.

Lost or stolen identifiers

If you have lost or had your identifier stolen you must notify Taxi Private Hire
(TPH) immediately. In the interim of being issued a replacement identifier you
will be issued a letter which will act as evidence that you have notified TPH,
and are waiting for your replacement to be processed and delivered, and can
therefore continue working. You can contact us on 0845 602 7000 or by

Displaying the Identifiers

When affixing the identifiers you should take into account the guidelines for
displaying stickers and signs to your taxi which can be found on the TfL website

Where vehicles have rear window advertising in place the identifier must be
clearly visible at all times. For further information please refer to our advertising
guidelines at

All advertising companies which display advertising on the rear windows of
taxis will be notified of the requirement by the end of the year.

Before the 1 March 2012 you may display the identifier on a voluntary basis,
however this is entirely optional and not displaying will not lead to any
disciplinary action.

We expect drivers to act in a professional manner at all times and will not
tolerate drivers confronting each other. Any driver found confronting another
driver for any reason risks having their suitability to be licensed reviewed which
may ultimately lead to their licence being suspended or revoked.

All drivers should be aware that there are a number of reasons why Suburban
drivers may be in central London or another suburban sector. This includes:

• Dropping off fares that started in their sector but ended outside it;
• Picking up fares that were pre-booked when the driver was in their sector;
• The driver is licensed for one of the two extension areas;
• The driver is plying for hire at an ‘island rank’.

Designated island ranks include:

o Finsbury Park Bus Station – Haringey drivers
o Garratt Lane (Arndale), Wandsworth – Merton and Sutton drivers
o Garrett Lane (Sainsbury’s), Wandsworth – Merton and Sutton drivers
o Mitcham Road (Tooting Broadway Station) – Merton and Sutton drivers
o Wimbledon Park Road (Southfields Station) – Merton and Sutton drivers
o High Street, Putney – Richmond upon Thames drivers

John Mason
21 December 2011Director, Taxi and Private Hire
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