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New Boris Barmy Plan. Send Cabbies Checks to Coventry

TSSA PRESS RELEASE: October 31 2011

Boris Johnson came under fire today over a plan to privatise the licensing of London cabs to a firm 100 miles from the capital in Coventry.

Up to 90 jobs at TfL are under threat by the Mayor’s plan to outsource the licensing and checks on all of the capital’s 22,000 black cabs and 50,000 private hire cars.

“Most of Boris’s more barmy ideas just end up in his Telegraph column,” said TSSA deputy leader Manuel Cortes. “But he is deadly serious about sending this work outside the capital and sacking our members in the process.

“London’s black cabs are famous throughout the world for the service and security they provide, thanks to the rigorous checks and the Knowledge that all aspiring drivers have to go through and pass.

“Now loyal public servants who have run this unrivalled service for many years are going to be sacked just so Boris can impress his chums on the Tory right.”

Under plans to go before the TfL Board on December 7, the service will be outsourced to to an unnamed firm, believed to be Capita Business Services.

Some 68 out of 94 TfL staff now based in Southwark will be asked to re-locate to the Midlands or face the sack.

The plans say the 10 year contract will cost TfL £119 million but would save £44 million during the life of the contract.

“How staff based in Coventry will be able to provide a better service than Londoners is a mystery,” added the union leader.

“They will certainly be cheaper. So what’s Boris going to do next? Outsource more jobs by sending bus managers to Birmingham and Tube managers to Tipton?

Taxi staff may be sent to Coventry: Evening Standard, Monday 31st October 2010.

STAFF who license and check the capital’s 22,000 black cabs and 50,000 private hire cars could be transferred to Coventry, TSSA union bosses said today. A confidential Transport for London report reveals plans to out-source the department to a private firm. Some 68 of the 94 TFL staff now based in Southwark will be given the chance to move to the Midlands or risk losing their jobs. The plans could save £44 million. A TFL spokesman said no decision had been made.

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