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cab:app release the first multi-platform hailing app

cap:app press release.

cab:app unites black cab drivers with the first multi-platform mobile hailing app
Innovative electronic hailing system promises to deliver more customers and more fares

A London cabbie has invented a mobile app that is set to revolutionise the way that cabbies across the capital pick up their fares. The new app, aptly named cab:app, brings drivers and passengers together to provide, what is effectively, an electronic hailing system.

Peter Schive (badge no. 63768), the cabbie behind the innovative new app saw an opportunity to increase business for London’s famous Hackney carriage drivers. ‘As a London cabbie myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the frustrations that drivers experience every day on the job. It became clear to me that there were a number of day to day issues that could be easily resolved using the latest technology, for the benefit of passengers, drivers and the environment.’

cab:app enables passengers to log onto the cab:app system and hail a taxi via their mobile phone from wherever they are. Whether they are at home, in a café, restaurant, gym or on a street corner, the app works just like a street hail alerting all the closest drivers. The app allows drivers to access all of these live jobs in real time and respond to the ones that they want to take. cab:app has been designed specifically to help cabbies across London have more control over their jobs and operate within a network that provides them with multiple benefits.

Drivers have the opportunity to pick jobs that are close to their current location and are going in a direction that’s convenient to them. If it’s the end of a shift, for example, cabbies can choose to take jobs that finish close to home. Drivers can also take pre-bookings and plan routes in advance helping to save on diesel. They can also be safe in the knowledge that passengers who are signed up to cab:app are less likely to be tempted by other forms of transportation such as mini-cabs. All in all, cab:app delivers a system that is safer and more efficient for both drivers and passengers.

Free to download, free credits and “get paid as you go”

cab:app is free to download and operates a ‘get paid as you go’ system – drivers buy cab:app credits in advance at a rate of £1 per job to access all available jobs on the system. As jobs are recorded as telephone or internet bookings, drivers can put £2 up on the extras. £1 of this covers the initial outlay by the driver and £1 goes back to the driver as profit from using the system. As a launch incentive, cab:app will be offering drivers £20 of credits for free, allowing them to test the system at no cost. All in all cab:app offers drivers more for doing less, by maximising the time they spend working and thus increasing their profit.

cab:app was developed by leading app developer, Grapple – recently featured on The Apprentice. It works across all smartphones – Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Nokia – so there’s no need to buy any special equipment. Grapple has worked closely with the respective platform holders to ensure that the app takes full advantage of each of the systems.

“cab:app offers a convenient, safe and reliable way for users to hail a taxi direct from their Blackberry smartphone in real-time,” said Gregor Park, Head of Apps Marketing, Blackberry UK.

cab:app is available for drivers to download towards the end of this month from, and will launch to consumers in October following an extensive marketing and PR programme

How cab:app benefits you
• Free to download, £20 free credit and ‘get paid as you go’ – make £1 profit on every job you take via cab:app, with no circuit fees or share of income.
• Get more customers – win back trade from mini cabs as customers hail black cabs from any location.
• No need to run in empty from the suburbs – customers can hail you from their homes to bring them into central London.
• More control – you choose which jobs you want to take.
• Save time – plan your journeys in advance; a pre-booking board makes your day more efficient.
• See your passenger’s exact location via GPS on the map.
• Spend less on diesel – you know where your next job is located.
• Know who’s getting in to your cab – direct message your customers via the app and know that troublesome customers reported by you will be stopped from using the app to hail cabs.
• Find work more easily – let the work find you rather than you having to look for work.
• Really easy to use – the only app available to both passengers and drivers on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Nokia.

How cab:app benefits your customers

• Convenience – passengers can hail a cab at the touch of a button, any time, any place from the comfort of their home, office, pub or restaurant without the need to stand in the street.
• Accessibility – easy access for people with reduced mobility, as passengers can include specific notes for the driver if they require additional assistance.
• Safety – secure hailing with confirmation of the driver’s name, badge number, registration details and tracking device all sent directly to passenger’s mobile phone, and GPS mapping system allows them to track their cab.
• Reliability – quick response time as all drivers within a one-mile radius will be shown all available jobs that have a pick up time of less than one hour; the pre-booking facility enables passengers to hail a cab in advance.
• Good value – a cab-share facility allows passengers on the same route to reduce the cost of their journey while reducing their carbon footprint.

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