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London Riots – Taxi and Private Hire Guidance

LTPH Notice 07/11

The shocking scenes and sheer violence and hooliganism in London over the past couple of days has, I am sure, shocked and angered you all. Clearly this has been a very difficult time for all of London and, on behalf of TfL and the Mayor I sincerely hope that you and your families are safe and unharmed by recent events.
I know that the Police are working very hard to restore order across London and have announced there will be around 16,000 officers on duty tonight.
• Your own personal safety and the safety of your passengers must take priority during these difficult times.
•Please keep your radio tuned in and listen to a London news channel for regular updates. Live travel news and traffic alerts can be found on TfL’s website at
• Please ensure that you keep in contact with a 3rd party with regards to your whereabouts, be it an operator, Radio Circuit, family member or friend.
• Please do not take any risks with yourself, your passenger or your vehicle. If you have any concerns regarding picking up or dropping off at a particular location then please advise your passenger what you are willing to do.
• For taxi drivers, clearly during this exceptional time, we would not expect you to be strictly bound by the normal regulations with regards to accepting a hire. If you have concerns regarding a destination then please politely inform your passenger of these and advise them what you will be willing to do.
• General safety information for taxi and private hire drivers can be found on our website at
• Please do not take matters into your own hands in terms of confrontation with these mindless yobs. Leave the Policing to the Police.
Above all, please use your discretion and be safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any advice:

John Mason.

Director, Taxi and Private Hire

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