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Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy

Taxi and Private Hire Age Limit – Consultation on Exemptions

In December 2010 the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy was published which contained a wide range of initiatives aimed at reducing harmful emissions in London. The actions outlined in the strategy included initiatives focused on reducing harmful emissions from licensed taxis and private hire vehicles.

You can find a full copy of the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy on the GLA website at:

The air quality initiatives for taxis and private hire vehicles included the following age limits:

• From 1 January 2012 a 10 year rolling age limit will be introduced for private hire vehicles and a 15 year rolling age limit for taxis unless exempted

• From 1 April 2012, unless exempted, all newly licensed private hire vehicles must, as a minimum, meet Euro 4 standards for emissions and be no older than 5 years and all newly licensed taxis must, as a minimum, meet Euro 5 standards for emissions

We are now consulting on a limited number of proposed exemptions to these age limits and a full copy of the consultation document is available on the TfL website: at

The start date for consultation is 23 May 2011 and the closing date is 18 July 2011 and responses to the consultation should be emailed to before the closing date.

John Mason
23 May 2011Director, Taxi and Private Hire
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