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Archive for May, 2011

Safer Travel at Night: Latest Figues Released.

Safer Travel at Night: Over 1,300 drivers arrested last year as part of crackdown on unbooked ‘minicabs’  Latest weekend operation brings in 39 arrests  Cab-related sexual offences fall by 20 per cent year on year The Mayor of London’s war against unlicensed ‘minicabs’ has resulted in 1,300 arrests over the last twelve months […]

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Transport for London London Taxi and Private Hire…

Transport for London, London Taxi and Private Hire Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy Taxi and Private Hire Age Limit – Consultation on Exemptions In December 2010 the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy was published which contained a wide range of initiatives aimed at reducing harmful emissions in London. The actions outlined in the strategy included initiatives focused […]

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