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The London Taxi Company announces Euro V strategy

London Taxi Company has today announced its strategy to introduce Euro V compliant engines. Like all automotive manufacturers, The London Taxi Company has to introduce a Euro V compliant engine and this is planned for launch in January 2012. Euro V compliance will be achieved through modifications to the current VM Motori engine, and will be the only change made to the new model line up of TX4 Style and Elegance already in the showrooms.

Euro V is all about the reduction of particulates and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) through the tail pipe. To achieve this The London Taxi Company have worked with their partners VM to modify the exhaust and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) aspects of the existing VM Motori engine. There are no other body or specification changes being made to the vehicle. It is anticipated that the introduction of Euro V engines will increase the vehicle’s price. The current London Taxi Company TX4 range starts at only £28,995 on the road.

In London all new vehicles registered after April 2012 must be Euro V compliant, however vehicles with Euro IV engines registered before April 2012 will be able to operate without modification for 15 years in line with the Mayor’s recent Air Quality Strategy announcement.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Rob Laidler said “We’re announcing our strategy for the introduction of Euro V today, so that drivers and owners understand our plans for the future. We recently made a radical change to our model range with the removal of Bronze, Silver and Gold, and the introduction of Style and Elegance models from only £28,995. When we introduce the Euro V engine next year it will be the only change to the vehicle. There won’t be any other specification or mechanical differences.”

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