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The Cab Section of UNITE theUNION is asking all taxi drivers that use the M4 bus and taxi lane to support our campaign to save the lane by asking their customers to sign our petition.

UNITE believes that the lane is a vital part of an integrated transport system. The lane speeds business passengers, tourists and UK travellers alike to their destination, aiding the prosperity of our country by showing the world that we are ready to do business. The lane also provides a safe passage for motorcycle riders, reducing time lost because of motorway accidents but more importantly’ Saving Lives!

Please click the link below to download a copy of the petition

UNITE Cab Section M4 and Taxi Lane Petition

The M4 Bus Lane was a success

From John Prescott’s Blog.

October 1st, 2010 by John Prescott

Just written the following response to Transport Secretary Philip Hammond’s decision to scrap the M4 Bus Lane.

Here’s my reply:

Studies by the independent Transport Research Laboratory proved the M4 bus lane succeeded in reducing traffic jams.

The research showed the lane actually shortened rush-hour journey times for buses by 3.5 minutes and cars by one minute. There were also less accidents. This was all in spite of a cut in the speed limit from 70mph to 50mph and a 10% increase in traffic. So drivers got there quicker and safer.

Whilst Transport Secretary I also had to rescue the bankrupt Tory High Speed Rail Link with Government-backed bonds.  This has now helped to reduce the train journey time from London to Paris by 21 minutes.

Nothing is more symbolic of Philip Hammond’s approach to transport than the fact he’s more prepared to listen to the unsubstantiated rants of Jeremy Clarkson than proven transport experts. It’s called chasing headlines.

This is actually just another smokescreen for the beginning of the deepest and most savage public sector cuts Britain has ever seen.

The public won’t fall for it.

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