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Londoners to face fewer delays at traffic signals

TfL Press Release: 01/07/10

– Almost six per cent reduction in traffic delays for drivers without holding up pedestrians – Drivers now spend less time at red lights following more than 1,000 traffic signal reviews in 2009/10 ‘’We’ve now identified 145 sites where we think the signals may no longer be doing a useful job’’ Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor’s Transport Advisor

– 145 traffic signal sites across London considered for removal to help smooth traffic flow
Drivers are spending less time sitting at traffic lights, after Transport for London (TfL) reviewed the timings of more than 1,000 sets of lights in the Capital last year.
As part of the Mayor’s pledge to smooth traffic flow, TfL reviewed timings at 1,003 signals last year to ensure they were operating as efficiently as possible.
Changes made to the signals as a result of the reviews have delivered a six per cent reduction in unnecessary delays at traffic signals, without negatively impacting on pedestrians.

TfL will review timings of a further 1,000 traffic signals this year and for the next four years to ensure that the Capital’s signals are operating in the best possible way for both drivers and pedestrians.
Smooth traffic flow

TfL has also identified 145 sites where traffic signals could be causing unnecessary delays. They will be holding discussions with local boroughs and stakeholders about whether these traffic signals could be removed or replaced with alternative measures, to further smooth traffic flow in the Capital.

Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor’s Transport Advisor, said: ‘There are few things more annoying than sitting at a traffic light on red for no apparent reason and we’ve now identified 145 sites where we think the signals may no longer be doing a useful job.
‘By getting rid of them, we hope we can smooth traffic flow across London and deliver real improvements for all road users.’

Key commitments:

Garrett Emmerson, Chief Operating Officer for London Streets, TfL, said: ‘Re-timing traffic signals to get London moving is one of the Mayor and TfL’s key commitments.
‘I am delighted that we have been able to significantly cut down on delays at traffic signals, without impacting negatively on pedestrians.’

TfL is working hard to deliver the Mayor’s Smoothing Traffic Flow agenda, which aims to improve the reliability and predictability of journeys on London’s roads, tackle stop-start traffic conditions and ensure there is space and improved safety for both cyclists and pedestrians
TfL is seeking to deliver the Smoothing Traffic Flow agenda through a number of initiatives:

  • Minimising the impact of planned interventions
  • Minimising disruption from unplanned events
  • Achieving modal shift
  • Developing the road network
  • Maintaining road network assets in a good state of repair

During 2009/10, TfL reviewed 1,003 traffic signal sites, which resulted in the following changes to traffic and pedestrian flow:

Number of occasions when queued traffic will have cleared through the first green phase (2009/10):

Before %   After %  Change %

Overall 71.70   77.60  5.90

AM period 53.56  61.62  8.06

Off-peak 66.88  75.40  8.52

PM peak 51.10  59.64  8.54

Late evening 85.75  90.78  5.03

Weekend period 69.45  74.86  5.41

Overnight 97.60  98.28  0.68

Number of occasions when pedestrians waiting to cross the road, easily clear the kerb during the first green man/blackout period (2009/10):

Before %  After %  Change %

Overall 94.30  94.60  0.30

AM period 91.64  92.30  0.66

Off-peak 92.63  93.15  0.51

PM peak 90.19  90.59  0.40

Late evening 98.10  97.94  0.16

TfL will carry out reviews at a further 1,000 traffic signal locations across London during 2010/11, including traffic signals along Tottenham Court Road, Parliament Square, A40 Western Avenue, and around the Hanger Lane Gyratory, and will continue to do so until 2015/16

Although TfL controls only five per cent of the road network (the 580km of Red Routes in London), this carries over 30 per cent of London’s traffic

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