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Mann and Overton sales force expands in Liverpool and the North West

Mann and Overton have underlined their commitment to drivers in Liverpool and the North West by signing up two new sales executives. The two salesmen will be based in and around Liverpool to ensure drivers get first class friendly service all the time. The expansion of the sales team to cover Liverpool specifically as well as increase the coverage of all the North West is in line with LTI’s previously announced plans to deal with customers directly through an enlarged Mann and Overton group.

James Cushion joins the team after a long career in sales as well as spending the last fifteen years as a driver in Liverpool city himself.

“ I really do think I have a unique insight into what my customers are going to want, after all I have been a driver for so long,” said Jimmy. “I know what it is like to need a good deal not only on sales but also aftersales. I will be looking after my customers like I would want to be looked after myself.”

Jimmy is joined by James Duffy who also comes from a long career in sales and finance. James is looking forward to a new challenge with a product he is already learning a great deal about.

“I never realised just how good the London Taxi really is,” he said. “I have always taken them for granted but I can’t wait to start selling them and demonstrating to drivers why the purpose built TX4 is the perfect vehicle for the job, and not a converted van.

Andrew Shaw, General Manager of Mann and Overton in the North is confident the two new signings will make a big impact very quickly.

“Both the lads understand what the drivers need, personal service and someone willing to help them not just sell them something and walk away. For the first time ever Liverpool and all the North West will have two dedicated sales people looking to help drivers with their vehicle needs in both sales and Aftersales. We all believe here that looking after the driver after they buy a cab is just as important as actually selling them one.”

Drivers in the North West may have wondered what the changes to the UK LTI network might mean for them and with the appointment of Jimmy and James they have their answer. Mann and Overton remain committed to ensuring that all their customers new and old get great service, even better deals and that personal service that we all want.

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