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Statement from the UNITE Cab Section

In the November issue of Cab Trade News, the UNITE theUNION Cab Section ran the Headline ‘’UNITE SAYS NO TO MINICAB TAXIS’’. Our view then as now is that the use of partitions in private hire vehicles was an unacceptable blurring of the lines between the two services, which would confuse the travelling public. In short minicab taxis would be a ‘Charter to tout’.

There are of course many other areas of dissatisfaction and frustration about how the taxi trade is being treated in the face of the ever growing competition from the private hire trade. The rise and rise of the uncontrollable Minicab Satellite Office with the ever present Clipboard Johnny, the £50 retest fee, the M4 bus & taxi lane and age limits for taxis are just some. This is not to say that there have not been great leaps forward from where we were prior to February 5th 2009. The addition of several new night-time taxi ranks and greater emphasis on tout busting are just a couple of examples of how we continue to advance.

Following the LCDC’s announcement on Wednesday, I as Branch Secretary spent most of the day (Thursday) canvassing opinion from the UNITE membership and also consulted with senior UNITE theUNION Officials, as well as discussing the issues informally with the LCDC and the LTDA. After careful consideration the UNITE London Cab Section concluded that it would be right to support the LCDC’s Call for a trade demonstration on these and other issues. We will now be talking at greater length with our trade partners and members to map the way forward, with clear aims and objectives for the betterment of the London taxi trade.

UNITE theUNION Cab Section wishes to make it clear to our membership and the trade that we do not intend to suspend constructive dialog with the authorities while we assemble a list outlining the trades grievances and concerns.

Peter J Rose
Secretary UNITE Cab Section, London Branch.

Read the relevant issue by clicking the link below.

CTN November 2009

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